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PRESSURE REGULATORS are used to regulate the incoming pressure of water to your home, pool or irrigation system.  Typically, they are located outside the home where the plumbing enters the residence, next to the main house valve and hose bibb.  They can be adjusted to the recommended operating pressure for the relevant application.  We recommend 55-65psi. 

If you do not have a regulator, or the unit has failed it can be detrimental to the plumbing.  How?  Too much pressure can spring leaks resulting in increased water consumption (higher water bill) and can cause significant damage to cabinets, flooring, drywall, baseboards, paint, etc.  And an even larger headache!

Too low of pressure can also be troublesome.  If the low pressure is only affecting a particular kitchen or bathroom faucet, check the screens.  It's possible hard water deposits or a build up of sediment has restricted the water flow.  If low pressure is affecting the entire house and your main shut off valve is opened fully, chances are your pressure regulator needs to be checked. 

Unsure if you have a pressure regulator? Unsure of your pressure reading? Noticed a higher volume of water at your hose bibbs, faucets, showers? Toilets running? Or don't seem to have the volume you used too? Clogged drain? Call the Lake Havasu plumbing experts at Van Rooy Plumbing.  We can gladly check your pressure and advise.

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